Membership.....is by invitation only!

  • Most new members join through referrals by friends who are already members, but you may contact us directly. 
  • Opportunities abound to meet people who share a common interest in fine dining, wine & building friendships. 
  • We are comprised of professional & non-professional gastronomes.
  • Rank is signified by ribbons of different colors, bestowed at formal induction ceremonies.

Benefits.....of membership!

Events.....events, events!

  • Membership in the most prestigious food & wine society in the world
  • A global network of professional & amateur members
  • Opportunities to interact with renowned chefs & vintners
  • Attendance at extraordinary dinners in the US & abroad
  • Attend unique gourmet travel offerings 
  • Sponsorship of new chefs & sommeliers at annual Chaîne competitions
  • Charitable fundraising via our Chaine Foundation & Miami Chaine
  • Subscriptions to National & International Chaîne print & online publications 
  • Annual guide to Chaîne - affiliated restaurants, hotels & cruise ships 
  • Recognition by Paris as a Chaîne member
  • Opportunity to represent the U.S. Chaîne as a Chaine ambassador when traveling abroad
  • Recognition pin for 20, 30, 40, 50, & 60 years of membership
Dame de la Chaine
& Chevalier
Professional Member

Benefits.....for professionals!

  • All of the above and...
  • Opportunitiy to showcase your creativity & skills to an appreciative audience
  • A listing on our National site www.Chaîneus.org
  • A listing on the Inernational site www.ChainedesRotisseurs.org
  • Compete or judge regional & national Young Chef, Pastry, & Young Sommelier competitions
  • Chaine logo plaque to display at your establishment
  • Local dinners, Regional gatherings, National conventions, International events
  • Spirited Themes such as Gala dinner dances; Brunches; Cruise Ship Luncheons, Wine Tastings, etc.
  • Exciting Venues : Wine Cellars, Resorts, Cooking schools, Private Clubs, Residences, Yachts, Galleries, etc.
  • Mondiale gatherings to experience great wines & crafted beverages